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Wife Caught Masturbating
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The picture above was taken by that woman's husband with a hidden camera planted in their living room. The guy suspected his wife was watching his secret stash of porno movies when he was out and he decided to try to catch her in the act. He set up the camera in a book shelf near to the TV and set it running the next time he went to play football. When he later played back the footage he was surprised to find that almost as soon as he left the house his wife was getting comfy on the sofa. She began removing her clothes and could be seen fiddling with the TV remote. Not only did he catch her watching his pornos but he also got some great shots of her playing with her pussy! You can see the whole lot here.

Wife & Friend Caught on Camera

Wife and Friend DressingThis next hidden cam picture comes from the site Spy Porn. It was taken by a husband who set up a secret camera in his bedroom in the hope of capturing some candid shots of his wife. Well, when his wife's best friend came over to get ready for a night out he couldn't resist switching on the camera. And the results were spectacular. He ended up with some fantastic shots of the two women undressing and then helping each other into their sexy outfits for the night ahead. There are loads of bare breast shots and pics of the girls in just their lacy panties. Eventually the ladies went out and the guy downloaded the pics from the camera. After jacking off to the pictures he sent them straight off to Spy Porn for the rest of us to enjoy!

Hidden Cam Wife Changing

Wife UndressingHere's another great shot of a hot wife caught on camera. The guy that took this hid the camera in an airing cupboard in order to catch his wife getting changed after work. As you can see the pics turned out really great and there are some excellent shots of her stripping off those used panties and putting on a fresh pair. There are even a few tantalising glimpses of her pussy lips as she bends over to step out of her underwear. If you like genuine hidden cam pictures then you will love this set. You can get it here.